Meet the Team

Esteban van Goor
CEO & Founder

Esteban van Goor, completed his master's degree in Tax Law in 2010 at the University of Maastricht and has worked as a tax lawyer for (1) Tax , (2) PwC and (3) Baker Mr. Van Goor is currently managing partner of Megalodon Services, a firm focusing on management consultancy services for fintech companies and digital securities offerings. He has officially been appointed as an Executive Advisor for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Eastern Africa, for his specific expertise in relation to digital securities and digital assets. He has been working with several legislators on legislation regarding, digital services, including (co-)writing a position paper for the G20 in relation to the VAT treatment of digitalization of currency in 2014.

Steven Witte
COO & Founder

Steven Witte is a founder and partner of Megalodon Group. Mr. Witte founded Kadaza.com, a web company operational in 48 counties, in 2008. Kadaza is the world's favorite internet guide. Due to his interest in fintech, Mr. Witte began investing and analyzing new blockchain technologies. Prior to founding Kadaza , Mr. Witte was a tax lawyer at KPMG Meijburg & Co. Mr. Witte studied Tax Law at Tilburg University, The Netherlands. Mr. Witte has been appointed as an Executive Advisor for United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Eastern Africa.

Adam Linton
CFO & Founder

Adam Linton is presently an executive advisor to UNODC on ethical fintech and SDG compliance. With a wealth of experience in financial markets at tier 1 banks Adam’s career included market making FX derivatives in the OTC market CME and the Philadelphia Exchange. Mr. Linton also managed the regional treasury translation risk for Citibank OCF in NY, a portfolio of more than US$9bln in Asia before transferring to the inhouse leveraged GRB fund bringing his special expertise in complex risk frameworks of emerging markets derivatives. Mr. Linton has vast experience in Treasury Capital Management and Currency Overlay.

Petro Levchenko
CIO & Founder

Petro Levchenko is a founder and partner of Megalodon Group. He has spent over a decade trading traditional currencies and currency derivatives for investment banks with an outstanding track record of performance as well as managing teams of traders. Mr. Levchenko has worked as a senior currencies trader at RBS, and managed teams of traders across regions as a Director at BNP Paribas and Credit Suisse. In addition to his traditional background, he has extensive experience in algorithmic trading as well as successful portfolio management on the buyside. He holds a BSc Hons in Computing & Applied Mathematics from Imperial College London.