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Xange.com is the first exchange of its kind on a
global level, delivered in partnership with
the United Nations.

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Why Xange.com?

Xange.com is working hand in hand with the UN Development System (UNDS), to setup and manage the first securities exchange focusing on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) companies and/or companies meeting certain social responsibility criteria and will act in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 2030 Roadmap.

  • Specialist expertise in specific KYC procedures for developing markets and supported infrastructure for safe on-boarding
  • Internationally recognised standards of AML procedures through global cloud-based technology
  • Modern architecture provides cheaper, faster and more transparent market insight.
  • Unlimited scalability

Carbon Emission Blockchain

Blockchain will bring transparency to carbon accounting by avoiding double counting of emission reductions or removals, like:

  • Avoiding double issuance: Double issuance means that more than one carbon credit is issued for the same emission reduction or removal
  • Avoiding double use: Double use means that the same carbon credit is counted twice to achieve a climate target or goal.
How it works

How Does Xange Work

Allocate funds to projects in a more efficient, less costly way.

Achieving sustainable financing of growth with zero room for corruption.

A clear audit trail of the flow of funds used for SDG projects.


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Carbon credits

Under the guidance of the United Nations, Xange.com will offer market infrastructure services for Carbon Credits. This collaborative effort between both parties would create a unique market position. We deliver a robust architecture for the rollout of a voluntary carbon trading ecosystem that will address many of the challenges encountered over recent years with a fully fledged approach that will prove to be an attractive platform for Carbon Credit Buyers and Sellers from both the end user perspective as well as the investment perspective. Our concept is loosely based on standard methods used in traditional commodity markets with the specific integration of well-founded existing technology to deliver robust automated processing at a fraction of the cost normally flagged for such implementations.

  • Xange.com will be highly proficient in technology and deliverend-user-oriented solutions which align with the SDG’s.
  • Create a global carbon market as part of the Kyoto Protocol with a single carbon price
  • Introduce core carbon spot and futures contracts
  • Establish an active secondary market
  • Implement efficient and accelerated verification

Green Bonds

Alongside the rapid growth of green bonds, new thematic bonds are appearing in the market. These include social bonds, sustainability bonds, Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) bonds and the latest addition, Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) bonds. All of these replicate the green bond model by introducing disclosure and reporting requirements for the issuer to connect investors with assets that deliver a positive sustainability impact.
The UN SDGs specify the global sustainability targets that are critical for our future societies and economies. Core to the 2030 Agenda, the SDGs is a list of 17 goals that cover both green and social themes. The definitions of ‘green’ that have
been developed for the green bond market should be applied and disclosed across thematic bonds to ensure alignment with global climate targets.
Green bonds are designed to help the environment by directing portions of the capital raised to projects related to clean water, renewable energy, energy efficiency, river and habitat restoration, or mitigation of climate change impacts.
Forest bonds can play a powerful role in financing forest preservation as the policy landscape, globally and within countries, takes shape. The issuance of bonds directly addresses the concerns of time and scale, enabling issuers to raise large-scale finance now that will be repaid by existing and anticipated future income.

SDG Projects

Xange.com is looking to establish a unique securities exchange focusing on SDG goals, under the guidance of the UN Development System (UNDS). Provide facilities for buying, selling and otherwise dealing in securities on the Xange.com Stock Exchange, to the satisfaction of the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

Xange.com will maintain links to the funding sources by engaging with potential and existing investors to keep them informed on the progress and initiatives, laying the groundwork and staying abreast of funding priorities of various funding sources, while also exploring new sources of finance.

Green Funds

Xange.com will list a range of dedicated fixed income ESG strategies Funds combining ESG focused portfolio construction with active engagement and transparent reporting.
Funds with a sustainable investment strategy which incorporates environmental, social, and governance criteria.