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The Future Is

The Future Is

Relocate Global Capital to Profitable Investments into a Sustainable Future.

The fully transparent carbon credit platform

Xange.com is facilitating traceability, transparency and trust in the carbon credit market, from sourcing, issuance, trading and accounting.



Centralised securities exchange is a key element in bringing pricing transparency and standardisation for scalability.

Data Warehouse MRV

Gold-Standard MRV Process to assure the highest carbon credit standard.

Product Custory

In-house custody solution directly provided through a partnership with an experienced and regulated custodian.

In-House Management

In-house product team responsible for the issuance and development of CO2-negative project eligible for carbon credits.

Nature-based solutions are paramount in addressing climate change while restoring biodiversity and empowering livelihoods.

MRV: The fully transparent carbon credit platform

Xange.com Combines technology with the highest carbon credits standards. Monitoring, reporting and verification through our carbon creditsolution. Creating transparancy in the information of each carbon credit.

Marketplace: for investments into a green future

Xange.com provides a marketplace allowing trading of high quality carbon credits and green bonds. Fair pricing mechanism, allowing price discovery for both buyers and sellers

Why blockchain?


Higher liquidity: fractionalisation of token ownership extends the addressable market of investors. e.g. Retail investors, corporates


Possibility to build specific incentive schemes for market participants e.g. reallocate excessive profits to project development

traNsparency & quality

Rigid representation of ownership and project benefits in a rights-tech driven MRV process in the smart contract that captures historical data


Clearing and custody process is mostly automised and at a limited cost


Fully regulated company complying with the highest green/climate bond and carbon credit standards


Unique carbon tokens ensures that they cannot be re-used or bought multiple times

Hydro power generation

Satellite-geo-data collection

Mangrove carbon capture

Sea grass carbon capture

Solar power generation

Wind power generation

Marin pollution source

Drone data capture

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